This is why I suck

at social media, that is….

I’m terrible at updating my site. I took a little break from writing erotica. Then picked it up again in fits and starts.

I’ve been publishing more as of late. One of the things that dawned on me was that I’m tired of censoring what I write for Amazon. It’s tiring. It leads to mechanical, uninspired writing. So now, if I have something that’s too damn taboo for Amazon, I bypass them entirely. I publish to Smashwords (remembering to opt-out of Apple and Kobo, of course).

Feels kind of fresh.

I am still writing for Amazon, but I feel a lot less hamstrung by them.

Hey, I also haven’t gotten much in the way of fan mail lately. Write to me. I want to hear what’s on your mind, dear smut reader.

Thanks for listening. Signing out.


What I’m working on

Been a while since I checked in.

I’m working on a new taboo forbidden erotica series, Terrible Forbidden Things. The first two installments are out and I’m about to start the third. I’m also bundling more stories for folks who want to purchase more than one at a time.

Happy reading,


Free stories

I’ve got a gift for readers. If you visit me on Smashwords, you’ll find a number of free stories.

Most of the free stories still cost $$ on Amazon. If enough people report the lower prices, they’ll bump the prices down to free.

I haven’t been on the blog much lately (as you can tell by the dates). I’ll be updating the stories link on my site soon. And finally — let me know what you enjoy reading, and I’ll be sure to take it into account for my future work!


Amazon and the Morally Outraged Corporate Nanny State

Amazon is at it again — banning erotica from its store and forcing dozens (perhaps hundreds) of authors to make changes to covers, titles, and descriptions of niche erotica, effectively rendering those titles invisible to consumers.

It’s a slippery slope, and Selena Kitt has already written about it here. And here. And there’s an active thread on kindle boards here.

In one positive development, it does seem that the Amazon content department is allowing us to state that we’ve been subject to censorship on our covers. Here’s an example below (yellow logo, black text):


Let’s break the silence and spread the word! Let our readers know what Amazon is doing under its covers….

For folks who want to place a similar badge on their covers, I’m posting both jpg and zipped PSD versions of the yellow ‘I got censored — Support free speech’ logo. Feel free to use either in any of your work. Or not. The choice is up to you. But unless we make some noise about this, it’s not going to get any better.




I thought it might be nice to show folks before and after images of covers. To give you an idea of what Amazon deems ‘offensive.’

Here’s a side-by side comparison of another title that got banned. I’m not certain if the revision will pass their review process or not….Clearly, you can see that the first cover is pure, smutty, vile filth. Good thing they unpublished this work to protect us. Thank you, Amazon content department. Your unwavering support of moral decency is enriching lives the world over.

Disgusting, offensive smut below:


Sanitized version:



Now, please don’t be shocked, but here’s another image. I hope Amazon’s content department sees it, because this looks like hardcore porn to me. I’m sure wearing it encourages deviant behavior such as breeding, saying the word ‘daddy’ during orgasm, and the insertion of hard tabs into wet slots.

Where can you find such abominations? The fetish mag called Victoria’s Secret, that’s where. Quick, someone break out the chastity belts!




And now for your Amazon moment of zen:

Transgender incest?


spotted dick

And if you need a ‘massager’ in Health and Personal care:

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 8.36.09 AM

Thank you, Amazon content department, for making this world a safer, cleaner place. Where would we be without you?

Lusting After My Mother’s Friend Lexi

An Excerpt:

She said, “I’m addicted to sex, Ben. Kinky sex. It’s the only thing that makes me feel good. And I need you to help me tonight.”

I was like, whoa, this girl is a little crazy. But after my time the other weekend with mom’s friend Rachel, I knew that I’d be able to be of service to Lexi. This was going to be different, though. Where Rachel was a MILF with nice big titties, Lexi here was a teenager, just like me. I asked her what kinky sex meant, and she said that I’d find out.

Lexi stood up and took off her shirt and she was wearing a little white bra. Then she pulled down her skirt so that I could see her tight white panties. She smiled at me and giggled and said, “You like?”

I was lying back in the couch and my cock was already rock solid from watching her strip down. I told her, hell yes I like it, and she walked over to me and kneeled between my legs. Oh yeah. She unzipped my fly and reached in with those nice delicate skinny teen fingers and pulled my cock out. She said, “It looks nice, Ben. I want to suck it for you.”

Why not? I told her, “Yes, please.” She opened her mouth and took the head of my shaft, just the head, into her mouth and started to run rings around it with her tongue. I felt warm and horny as hell. She closed her lips around the head and then sucked hard on it, making me moan because it felt so good. I asked her if this was kinky sex, and she said no, we’re just getting warmed up. 

From ‘The Composition Book’

This excerpt is from one of the first erotic shorts I wrote, The Composition Book. It’s still one of my favorites.

I read the next line. “Step two: ask the sexy professor to stand up and hike up her skirt, shaking her ass while she holds onto the desk.” My heart beats faster.


This does require a bit of role-play, doesn’t it?” he says. “I appreciate your willingness to give it a try.”


I hike up my tight skirt, holding onto it with one hand. The dark fishnet stockings end at my upper thigh. I’m wearing a skimpy black thong. I hold onto the desk with one hand and shake my ass slowly in his direction. I turn my head to watch him as I do so. He shifts in his chair.


Mmm,” he says, “very well done. The visual is absolutely superb. I’ll have to make another sketch of your ass one day. You do like my sketches, don’t you?”

Tonight’s Nibble

From ‘The Mega Deal’ (Amazon), aka ‘Forced by Daddy and Uncle Bob‘ (all other ebook sellers. Censorship happens….):



What the fuck is going on? But I could feel it, the urge to please him, to obey him. He was my boss – I wanted to make him happy. And if he wanted me to call him ‘daddy’ behind closed doors, what was the harm in that?


I stood still, then parted my lips and let out a slow breath. “Daddy, what do you want me to do?”


“That’s better,” he said. “I want my little girl to know that her daddy is going to take care of her. But I’m going to have to teach you a lesson, first. Because you were naughty.”


Zero to kinky in sixty seconds. But I was digging it.


“Yes, daddy.”


Daddy bent down at his knees and opened a cabinet under his desk. He pulled out a pair of thigh-high socks with pink stripes at the top, then tossed them toward me. “Put those on.”


I looked around. “Where should I sit, daddy?”


“Are you going to be a good girl?”


“Yes daddy, a very good girl.” As good as I can, considering the circumstances.


“Then come over here and sit in my chair.”


I felt a burst of girlish elation – his chair. I walked around his desk and sat down in its soft, well-worn leather, pulling off my pantyhose and pulling up the little girl socks. It felt strange to look at my legs now, with cotton socks that clashed with my pencil skirt. “What do you want from me now, daddy?” I looked up at him, my eyes wide. He reached into the same cabinet where he’d gotten the socks and pulled out a small rubber bone, a dog’s chew toy, then handed it to me.


“Put it in your mouth and sit in front of my chair. Kneel with it in your mouth and pant.”


I took the bone, which was clean, and clenched it between my teeth. I had to suppress the urge to chew on it. I began to pant, then raised my hands in front of me. I let out a short whimper, then a bark. He walked past me and sat in the chair.


“That’s a good girl, Karen. Chew on that toy.”


I could feel my saliva coating the rubber chew toy. There was something good about this small act of humiliation, as small as it was. Something that made me want…more of it. I clenched my teeth harder, feeling my canines dig into the soft plastic.


He was still sitting in his chair, his tan hands folded in his lap, looking at me, judging me. “Pull off your panties, Karen.” His voice smooth.